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There's a place for the adventurous sportsman and recreationalist that engenders all the primal and ethereal attributes of a national park in a wilderness-like setting. Located in Madison County, Montana the setting is surrounded by glaciated, snow-capped mountain peaks, many over 10,000 feet, and photogenic wilderness views. The region is populated with many pristine mountain lakes with abundant wildlife and trout fishing opportunities.


This iconic property sits in the midst of a vast US Forest Service landmass. Entirely encompassed by Forest Service lands the Westphal Park Enclave is an enchanting combination of mountain meadows interspersed with rivulets and springs, thick stands of forest, and mountainside settings that have panoramic vistas in every direction. What's more this entirely unique and captivating property has over Westphal Park1,300 feet of the South Boulder River flowing through the southeast portion of the property. The river is typical of mountain streams in that it is bubbling and falling, over and round the rock-strew bed making for an idyllic stream-side setting.

The area is largely used for recreation and summer cattle grazing. This property while enchanting and beautiful is not for everyone. The base elevation is some 7,000’ with mountain tops reaching to over 9’000’. While there are many potential cabin sites one would have to be resourceful as the nearest electricity is several miles away and there is no telephone service in the valley. This is not a year-round residence property for the vast majority of people. However, it is a once-in-a-lifetime type recreational property that is a heirloom family holding.

The Tobacco Roots are rich with early history from the Legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition who cast distant visions upon the mountains to more recent pioneers and miners. The area was a source of gold from the 1880's to the 1930's and parts of the property includes several patented mining claims.

Westphal Park


There is no zoning in the area. However, there may be requirements for a building permit and a fee associated with it. For more information go to the Madison County Building Department website. There is a requirement for an onsite septic system permit.


There is a US Forest Service road to and through the property, it is insurable access although note that access may be seasonal with minimal maintenance in parts. Access is by a US Forest Service Road that, in the last mile of so, is minimally maintained and is not afforded snow plowing in the winter as the county terminates plowing slightly south of Mammoth.


They are mostly on the face of the adjacent mountain and with the exception of the ones along the river they are relatively steep.


There are no know water rights. Obtaining a water right for domestic consumption should not present a problem. There is no potential for agriculture on the property so any significant water rights are not needed.


The owner is not interested in providing financing. However, we may be able to provide sources for funding depending on credit strength of the purchaser.


We realize that some purchasers want to preview a property without the aid of the real estate broker. Purchasers are welcome to do so but should note the seasonality of access. To go to the property simply call our office 406-387-9600 to let us know. Directions from various points of origination can be obtained from our interactive map accessed by clicking on the map icon to the right and then opening the fly-out legend for specific directions.


The immediate area is designated as the Middle Mountain Management Area by the Beaverhead-Deer Lodge National Forest. You can see the management report with maps here. The area is identified on forest management maps as the Westphal Parks from which the name is adopted by the current owner. You can access the report here and here is another. The property, according to the State data sources is prolific and potential habitat for bear, Grizzly and Black, Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, the largest Mountain Goat population in southwest Montana, Moose, grouse of various species, as well as various small mammals and mountain birds. The South Fork Boulder River offers both Brook Trout and Cutthroat Trout in its upper reaches. The property consists of over 800+/- acres and is comprised of 12 parcels and you can see the property cards here. The condition of title transfer will be similar to this title report. The multiplicity of parcels may present the opportunity of restructuring the parcel layout, the layout is view able here, to one that would afford the owner of more beneficial ownership qualities by completing a boundary line adjustment without necessarily going through the process of a formal subdivision. If you have Google Earth you can download the KMZ file by clicking on the link in the earth icon to the right and view the property in Google Earth.

This mesmerizing property presents the owner with the once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire, for a select few, an incredible retreat whether for summer or year-round recreation, or mere seclusion from the rigors of a world gone wild opportunity. While off the grid the possibility for solar, hydro, wind and other power sources exists and water could merely be obtained from one of the many sources and treated for consumption with one of the inexpensive purification systems.

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Additional Information Resources Madison County Official Site, Wikipedia, and Here.