A Winning Marketing Strategy Begins with Gary J. Kauffman
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Our Marketing Strategy. The successful marketing of your property in today's economy starts with a competent and professional real estate broker or agent, of course. However, it is of critical importance that the broker you choose to list your real estate with have an international marketing strategy in reaching your potential real estate buyers. At Gary J. Kauffman Real Estate Outfitters we have given plenty of consideration and thought how to achieve an effective marketing strategy. In approaching this new digital real estate architecture we wanted, among the first goals, was to break out of the stereotypical approaches that is widely used in the real estate profession. We created a different tactile style to our website, a different flow and ease to the buying and selling process, and a greater emphasis on visual interaction and virtual comprehension on the part of those seeking real estate. We believe this approach lends itself to an effective and robust synergy that creates an environment that, is inviting to both buyers and sellers, but makes for a significant marketing footprint. Read on to see those elements that Gary J. Kauffman Real Estate Outfitters feels is imperative to achieve success in getting your property sold.


Digital Presence. When making a decision to market your property there are several core issues to consider. Perhaps the most significant element in the successful marketing of your property is, at the core, the 'presence' of the property in the digital realm. This is simply because, according to studies, that 97% of the potential purchasers of your property start their pursuit of a real estate purchase on the Internet. The fact is that real estate professionals are bombarded with trendy, ineffective, and dated methodologies designed to grab attention in an over crowded digital world. Unless these applications and approaches are part of an overall, well Marketing & Promoting Real Estate with a Digital Presencethought out, marketing architecture, it only adds to the digital noise of the Internet. At Gary J. Kauffman Real Estate we approached our digital architecture with serious thought that has lead us to a robust and powerful platform that is effective in creating a rich, digital, cross-pollination, that translates to views, or commonly know as 'hits'. These 'views' must be relevant to the interest of serious real estate purchasers. We believe we have developed a dynamic infrastructure to ensure that your property has the greatest likelihood of appearing before the most qualified real estate purchasers. The search engines that we use today to research information online is generations ahead of those just a few years back. Advanced algorithms have been built that have a certain 'intelligence' to decipher when a site is just stacked with keywords and the crawlers will not index these pages. It is imperative for today's real estate website to have rich, in-depth, relevant, real estate specific, content. In consideration we have built a dynamic web presence that results in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of cross-collateralized references that translate into relevant real estate hits. Without this your real estate may well just languish in a 'digital pile' buried under tens of thousands of other properties that are for sale. What's more, our online strategy results in your property being promoted in over 600 syndicated websites, like Realtor.com, Zillow, YouTube, Cabela's Trophy Properties (if a trophy property listing), Land Watch, and hundreds of more sites.

Print Presence. Print can be very effective in reenforcing our company as a 'brand' that is noteworthy. It reinforces our image and elevates our name recognition to ensure the successful promotion and marketing of your real estate. We regularly employ advertising in select publications like Gray's Sporting Journal to reach the most discriminating purchasers for our customer's properties. Our approach to print media is to guide our customers to those resources that will result in greater exposure for our customers properties that are for sale. We place strategic promotional print media in publications that are conducive for our ideal customer demo-graph to see and, more importantly, respond to.

Marketing - Print PresenceAs 'creative-centric' real estate brokers we relish opportunities that we can use to promote your property with cutting-edge and 'clean' print designs in brochures, advertising and other media. There are times which present them selves as a result of affiliations with our professional associates that are considered significant media opportunities. Like, for instance, this article that appeared in SkyWest Magazine. This article that appeared in Unique Homes, or this article that appeared in Flathead Living are examples of how we promote our brand and our customers' interest.

Video Presence. More and more our world conveys messaging by the means of video. This claim is substantiated by the explosive growth in online video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others. However, Gary J. Kauffman approaches video from his perspective as an Emmy nominated cinematographer. Our creative work has been featured in such programs for the Wyoming Public Broadcasting Service's, Drawn to Yellowstone and Historic Trails; the British Broadcasting Company's, Yellowstone, Battle for Life; National Geographic's, Expedition Grizzly and American Serengeti; and other internationally syndicated television programming. We have a huge video library of over 30,000 clips, all filmed with state-of-the-art equipment in full resolution high definition. Much of this library is represented by Corbis Motion. We provide the use of this extensive library at no cost for our customer's exclusive listings with us. Gary makes over $1,000,000 in camera equipment and filming platforms available for exclusive productions of select real estate listings of the Gary J. Kauffman Real Estate Outfitters company. You can see a sample video we produced for the Promontory, here. Most of our listings are also presented in virtual tours which are widely disseminated through syndication and Multiple Listing Service embedding. You can see a sample of this type of video promotion here. In select instances we underwrite contributions to organizations that we feel have a notable cause and that will aid in driving potential buyers to our customer's exclusive listings with
 Gary J. Kauffman Real Estate Outfitters.