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This incredibly rare offering is a fly fisherman’s or nature lover’s dream. It is so rare a property comes on the market that has frontage on the much-sought-after Smith River that it is the only one that has come on the market in the last 3 years. At the time of listing it is the only one in the Montana MLS. The Smith is an awesomely beautiful and picturesque river that meanders through the mesmerizing scenery with towering rock cliffs, inspiring vistas and prolific wildlife habitat. What’s more, the Smith is one of Montana’s most captivating fisheries that draw fisherman from around the world. While the very affordable .6 acre lot sits on the slope to the Smith its perch offers distant vistas and watery river views from its vantage point. It is not an uncommon sight to see wildlife in this verdant river bottom setting. As a riverfront landowner one has the opportunity to do unlimited day floats without the requirements of the non-riverfront owner. Fish from the banks or float the river to experience what many come from around the world to experience. This very rare river font parcel comes complete with a charming camper’s log cabin that features a sleeping loft, a gathering area and is heated by an efficient wood stove. The cabin has a front porch that has commanding views of the famous Smith River canyon. The cabin while comfortable and well-built is really a camping cabin and necessitates normal camping provisioning.

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