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Gary has over 40 years in the real estate industry. He has built hundreds of homes and understands construction, sub division, and real estate marketing with a depth of knowlege that few brokers ever acquire.

What's more, Gary has owned and operated ranches, farms, horse properties, and forest lands and understands how to maximize your potential in the sale of your property. Gary has represented both buyers and sellers in real estate in hundreds of transactions and with a portfolio value of hundreds of milliions in value. Properties that are from small cabin sites to tens of thousands of acres, some have been the most notable sales in Montana. His eye for award winning marketing and creativeness are sure to result in added value to you the seller.

genericGary J. Kauffman Premier Real Estate Outfitters Website: It is critically important to you that the website of the listing brokerage is robust and complete with easy-to-navigate and visually compelling content. According to studies some 97% of the potential buyers use the Internet to find properties.

To increase visitor retention time on our site we use a significant amount of photos, professional video, interactive mapping, and other media. All of this media cross-links to all the pages for your property that we have media on. This is how your listing could appear on our site. As to how your listing appears if only presented in the local MLS. Of course, we list on the local MLS site as well.

Gary is an Emmy-nominated cinematographer who has supplied footage for National Geographic, BBC, PBS, and many other production companies. If your property is a premium listing we can arrange for cinemagraphic video treatment for your property, of course something like this requires some conditions.

It is one thing to have your property listing on a broker website and it is something totally different to have particular attention given to your property so it stands out among the rest. As a premium listing, a buyer can find your property on our website easily. If your property cannot be found easily it it just in a 'digital pile'. Our entire site is smart-phone, and tablet friendly.

What's more, Google has indexed about 50,000 of gjkre.com web pages. This means, to you, that your property is only a few clicks away from being discovered. Add to this the third party referral sites like Cabela's Trophy Properties, LandWatch and Tour Factory, then there are virtually millions of links that can connect to your property.

Your Property Web Page: [See sample one, see sample two.] We have built customized web pages for promoting your property. These pages include links to documents, videos, maps, photos, Google Earth files, brochures and other relevant, important information to field as many questions as possible. We designed our site to be able to find your listing multiple ways and easily. The link to your customized website is here. You can always check up on the latest media with the links below.

Photo Albums: We take professional photos. We use photo gallery making software for the albums we create for the sale of your property. As such, we expand the digital reach of linking to your property page. For example, if we create a gallery of 100 photos in your album, it creates at least, that many indexed, google-searchable, pages that all ultimately promote your property.

Customized Header Photos: On the state landing page we have positioned your property as a rotating header photo. These photos bring plenty of attention to your property. By clicking on the link it will take you to your property's webpage. You can see and example of the rotating header style on this page. We have made it very simple for buyers to locate your property information.

signSignage: The second most effective element in promoting your property is signage for attracting buyers. That is on-site signage, people are impulsive, with short memories. We use the value of good signage to attract attention and and to answer questions right in the field. We use the regular 'realtor' signs, too, but to increase exposure on premium proprerties we install 4' by 8' signs complete with QR codes and aerial maps. These signs features a large aerial view of the property with boundaries to orient passerbys. What's more they can call an 800# to hear a complete description of the property while at the property if in an area of cellular coverage.

LandWatch: Another part of our strategy in promoting and disseminating your property to the international market is with the use of third-party sites like LandWatch. For these reasons we have purchased long-term ad buys that are in strategic positions which have a prominent branding presence on almost every page in your state. What's more, on certain premium properties we develope custom ads specificall for your property on these third party sites that link right to individual customized web pages.
photo1 Marketing Feedback: As part of our effort to keep you informed of the effectiveness of our marketing strategy we provide you regular updates on your own private client page, similar to the one you are on here.

On this panel to the left you can see the number of visitors that have visited your property listing through LandWatch since it has been listed there.

The following panel shows the impressions and the visitor's interest. Bear in mind this is only one site we use to drive traffic to your web page.

report2Tour Factory: Video is a major draw for buyers looking for real estate. It is so effective that Google and other indexing sites will give 'added weight' to web pages that include it. We use virtual tours as an effective means to create 'video'. To make our video stand out even more, we write professional copy that is included in the video with professional voice over talent. These videos are disseminated automatically to 20 primary websites and subsequently to many other syndicated websites, including our own GJKRE YouTube Channel.

The Factory provides activity reports monthly. Here you can see the Tour Factory Report for the current month. You can see when this virtual tour was last updated, the number of visitors, and the number of views. This does not necessarily include all websites though.

adsPrint Media: Your property may be featured in print media. In most instances the print version is also contained in a digital version. Print is very expensive and is used very selectively. It does, none the less, expose your property to a unique audience, many who may not be particularly web savvy. We use notable magazines such as Log Home Living, Gray's Sporting Journal, Whitefish Magazine, Flathead Living, Unique Homes, and others.

MLS: For real estate professionals and others we list your properties on various multi-listing services. We use TREND, NMAR, MRIS, Missoula, LoopNet, TourFactory, LandWatch and other listing listing systems. As a result of our strategy, your listing is syndicated downstream from these sites to over 600 other web sites that include sites like Zillow, Farm and Land, Realtor.com and many others.

Listing Activitiy Reports: We have developed this portal to keep you informed of the marketing efforts that we regularly make to promote your property to the maximum real estate market. This page will be updated to show the media we have created and distributed and the impact that it is having. It will address other marketing effort as well. The most recents events will be at the top of the page and as you scroll down you will see those elements created at earlier times. At the bottom of this page you can see links that are of the most recent and updated media. These may not have active links if there are more than one way that your property is being marketed. Since this format started in November 2013 it may not include all events prior to that date. Efforts will be made to include this information over time. Please check in regularly to see any updates.